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It's been all about THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF this week!  If like us in the office you love cooking and all things to do with food, you will welcome the onset of Autumn and some favourite TV programmes to watch in the dark evenings .... Why not TAKE OFF on a foodie holiday to warmer destinations?!


Bread, pies, cakes & biscuits all feature in the Great British Bake Off - did you know that there are hundreds of food and drink holidays around the world which will tickle your tastebuds and if you like you can take your own 'baking challenges' with cookery classes, masterchef demonstrations and culinary journeys on every continent! 

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Gourmet steak feast in Tuscany!

Above: Steak banquet at Dario's butchers shop in Ponzano in Chianti (as enjoyed by Jules!). 

ASIA is a food lovers dream holiday destination!  Jules has made Rendang in Malaysia with Chef Ann, learned how to make Lamb Biryani at a masterclass in a palace hotel in Hyderabad (and got the recipe for their fabulous 'Indian shortbread biscuits'!) and tasted her way round a spice plantation in Sri Lanka. Mags recently tasted the amazing variety of unusual food in Japan - ask her to talk you through the maze of culinary experiences there! 

EUROPE is on our doorstep and offers endless culinary delights! Why not take a city break to a Christmas Market where the air is filled with the scent of cinnamon, baking and gluwein? September - October is a fabulous time for cookery classes in Italy, wine harvests in Portugal, truffle hunting in Spain or wandering the food markets of rural France or the shopping in the mouth watering bakeries which line the pavements of Paris! 

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Learning to bake and cook is not just for adults!  If you have your own budding Junior Masterchefs, contact us for the best selection of family foodie holidays! 

India continues to be a popular holiday destination, following Joanna Lumley's recent TV programme - food tours, cookery classes and culinary experiences are to be found all over the vast sub-continent with plenty of regional variations.  Let us take you through markets and souks, taste street food to michelin starred city restaurants!  Here is just one example of a food tour to India. 

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Above: Collecting vegetables with the ladies at Gibbs Farm, Tanzania

So, would you like to TAKE OFF on your own BAKE OFF?

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